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Caution: Investigational Device.

Limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use in the United States.

Conexus Lens’TM revolutionary design proposes a novel, but simple, approach to an implanted intraocular lens (IOL) that can significantly help those suffering with macular degeneration use the working portions of the retina. Our IOL enables reading without the current, external alternative magnification devices (video magnifiers and telescopic glasses). By using the eye's natural feedback system, the lens allows a much larger than physically normal change in the eye's focus, thus resulting in image magnification and the patient is able to automatically focus on a high resolution object at a variety of distances.

Based on our preliminary prototype, our lens changes the power inside the eye to allow the patient's focal distance to vary at will by between long distance to reading a book, a range of 12 diopters. The lens enables a patient to focus at two inches as opposed to a normal 25 year old who cannot focus any closer than 15 inches, a 6X increase in magnification. The automatically variable 6X magnification allows the image to utilize the non-diseased portions of the retina to greatly improve the ability to see clearly. The patient can then read and write at close distances and see at distance with a normal full field of view. The Conexus IOL LensTM is an investigational device and is not available for sale or use at this time.