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Our research scientists have published in many scientific journals and presented at scientific conferences as described below:

Deformable Interface accommodating intraocular lens: Second generation prototype design methodology and testing

S.J. McCafferty, J.T. Schwiegerling. Translational Vision Science & Technology – ARVO, April 2015, Vol. 4, No Pagination Specified

Variable Hyper-Focal IOL Design to Aid Macular Degeneration Patients

Sean J. McCaffery. Paper presented ASCRS April 21, 2015

Extruded gel interface accommodating intraocular lens; characterization of parameters affecting performance

S.J. McCafferty, J.T. Schwiegerling. Presented ASCRS April 26, 2014

Accommodating Intraocular Lens with Mechanically Coupled Flexible Aspherical Surfaces

Sean J. McCafferty. PCT/US 0330375 A1 patent app published

Accommodating Intraocular Lens with Flexible Aspherical Surface

Sean J. McCafferty. Patent app published US2014/0257479

Buttressed haptic intraocular lens design

Sean J. McCafferty. Patent app published PCT/US2013/055093

Fluidic Membrane Accommodating Intraocular Lens

Sean J. McCafferty. Patent app published US2014/0257478

Corneal Surface Asphericity, Roughness, and Transverse Contraction after Uniform Scanning Excimer Laser Ablation

S.J. McCafferty, J.T. Schwiegerling, E.T. Enikov. IOVS March 2012 53:1296-1305

Thermal load from a CO2 laser radiant energy source induces changes in corneal surface asphericity, roughness

S.J. McCafferty, J.T. Schwiegerling, E.T. Enikov. IOVS June 2012 53:4279-4288

Laser thermal load induces characteristic changes in the corneal surface including asphericity

Sean J. McCafferty, Jim T. Schwiegerling. Arizona Eye Consultants, Tucson, AZ. ARVO annual meeting May 7, 2013